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Verna’s Vittles!

    My passion is cooking…my pleasure is cooking. It’s as simple as that. So what better way could I express my passion and pleasure than to share with you the recipes I’ve created and accumulated over 50 years.

   Most of the recipes you will find here are Old Fashioned Comfort Food that gives you that warm-all-over feeling as you prepare and serve these dishes. Some of the recipes are my own creations and some are graciously shared with me by my family and friends. Most all have a story behind them; who shared them, how long ago, special people I’ve known who are connected to the recipe in some way, and anything remarkable that I remember about the person or the recipe.

   I believe, it doesn't matter whether you are making dinner for the most influential person on the planet, or your family, presentation is important. If you're serving a succulent roast or burgers and fries, how it is presented matters. If your food looks good, it's a great beginning to a meal.

   My husband, Jim, and kids, Kim, Kristin, Eddie, and Jennet, have been my “guinea pigs” over the years. I haven’t heard too many negative comments, so I guess I’ve satisfied them sufficiently. And the grandkids? They like it when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit. That means lots of chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pie, meatloaf, and anything else they request. I love cooking for my grandkids, as I have loved cooking for my kids throughout the years.

   So look around and see if there is something that tempts your pallet. I’ll be adding recipes continually, so check back often.

   There are links on the upper right side of each of the recipe pages to help you choose a variety of Kitchen Essentials, if you have the need. This is especially helpful for the Beginner Cooks, who are just starting to venture into cooking.

   I’ve gathered over 130 recipes for this undertaking, and I have many more in my stash. It took me two months to compose them. What are the chances I’ve made a mistake or two? Pretty darn good. So let me know if a recipe doesn’t make sense, and I will correct it immediately. If that happens, I apologize in advance. Just please help me fix it.


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